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Southern Food Los Angeles

Dante Fried Chicken Catfish

Big gold “DFC” balloons greeted people in the Hotel Normandie lobby, and even before the doors opened, music was already bumping. This marked my arrival at the first installment of Dante Fried Chicken‘s monthly...
Pork Chop Los Angeles

Ladies’ Gunboat Society at Flores Pork Chop [CLOSED]

Flores, a seasonal, globally inspired small plates restaurant, never quite captured the imagination of Little Osaka ramen heads and comfort food fiends. Thankfully, that allowed for Ladies’ Gunboat Society at Flores, which Amal Flores...
Bacon Portland

Screen Door Praline Bacon (Dose of Vitamin P)

Pralines are the powerfully sweet confections crafted from pecans, sugar, butter and cream. They’re practically candy gospel in New Orleans, and almost always too sweet for my taste. However, Screen Door, a Southern restaurant...
Pork Chop Los Angeles

The Hart + The Hunter Pork Chop [CLOSED]

The Hart + The Hunter is one of L.A.’s newest restaurants to capture my attention. Since the Cali-Southern spot resides in a hotel (West Hollywood’s Palihotel, to be specific), talented chef-owners Brian Dunsmoor +...
Charcuterie Charleston

Two Boroughs Larder Porchetta di Testa [CLOSED]

There were a couple weeks where we didn’t encounter prized pig in 2012, but that definitely wasn’t going to happen in Charleston, where pork is such an integral part of the Southern palate. Where...
Southern Food Charleston

Husk: Embracing Southern Heritage in Historic Charleston

In many ways, Charleston is small, easily walkable, with only 350,000 people in the entire county, but the historic Southern city is by no means limited, especially when it comes to the dining scene....