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Middle Eastern Food Los Angeles

Farida Mountain Prep Lamb Awarma (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

New York born restaurateur George Abou-Daoud started out synonymous with Hollywood, spread concepts to several different L.A. neighborhoods, and comes full circle with Farida, a modern Middle Eastern restaurant located next to his original...
Cake Los Angeles

Adana Honey Cake (Food of the Week)

Edward Khechemyan, who’s of Armenian descent and whose father grew up in Iran, has run a restaurant called Adana for 16 years. Adana is the name of a city in southern Turkey, and you’ll...
Falafel Silicon Valley

Aladdin Market: Freeway-Friendly Arab Fare in Silicon Valley

The last stop on my summer-long exploration of the Silicon Valley culminated in San Mateo, within earshot of the 101 freeway, at Aladdin Market, which has got you covered for any hookah, produce or...
Flatbread Los Angeles

Mush Bakery: Turning to Armenian Tradition for Flat Inspiration

Fresh-baked Middle Eastern flatbreads have been a staple of Little Armenia since the mid ’80s, when bakeries like Arax and Sasoun first fired up their massive ovens. Now the neighborhood, located between Hollywood and...
Middle Eastern Food Anaheim

Olive Tree: Showcasing Pan-Arab Flavors in Anaheim

Some people refer to the mile-long stretch of Brookhurst Street between Lincoln and Ball as Little Gaza, but that doesn’t begin to cover the neighborhood’s breadth and depth. No spot captures Little Arabia’s pan-Arab...