Kebabs Los Angeles

Hamlet’s Kitchen Baby Pork Wrist

“This above all: to thine own self be true.” Armenian-Russian owners Nick and Mila inherited a Shakespearean name when they took over Hamlet’s Kitchen in 1997, but that famous quote certainly applies to their...
Armenian Food Los Angeles

Su Beoreg Sini-Monta

“In Armenia, this is every child’s favorite food.” Grant Yegiazaryan waxed poetic about monta, a specialty of his family at Su Beoreg & Monta Factory in the Armenian hotbed of north Pasadena. “When you...
Pork Chop Los Angeles

Elena’s Greek-Armenian Pork Chops

It’s now been well over a decade since my first visit to Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine, an institution from Elena Pitkyan and her family on a residential stretch of Glendale that dates to 1976....
Restaurant Los Angeles

Adana: Melding Middle Eastern Cuisines in Glendale

Edward Khechemyan, who’s of Armenian descent and whose father grew up in Iran, has run Adana, a humble restaurant with notable cuisine, since 1997. Adana is the name of a city in southern Turkey,...
Kebabs Los Angeles

Corner Cuisine Pork Kebab Plate [CLOSED]

It was only Day 8 at Corner Cuisine, an Armenian restaurant from Yerevan native Jack Amirian in the former Glendale home of Red Top Burger, and the owner was already confident. When he handed...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Original Kabob Factory: Turn Don’t Burn in Glendale [MOVED]

Garnik “Nick” Mouradian, the “heir to the throne” of a kabob empire that dates to 1940s Yerevan, resurfaced in California in the early ’70s and has taken many forms since then. According to OKF’s...