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Middle Eastern Food Anaheim

Olive Tree: Showcasing Pan-Arab Flavors in Anaheim [CLOSED]

Some people refer to the mile-long stretch of Brookhurst Street between Lincoln and Ball as Little Gaza, but that doesn’t begin to cover the neighborhood’s breadth and depth. No spot captures Little Arabia’s pan-Arab...
Bakery Orange County

Al-Amir Bakery: Producing Princely Flatbreads in Little Arabia

Los Angeles bakers produce some brilliant Middle Eastern flatbreads, but Anaheim’s Little Arabia still stands out due to its variety and density, with three deluxe flatbread bakeries occupying a six-block radius. One of the...
Middle Eastern Food Orange County

Forn Al Hara: Baking Deluxe Baklava and Flatbreads by Disney

Life happily involves continuous bar raising. My 2008 visit to Al Sanabel Bakery consisted of eye-opening exposure to over 20 different Lebanese flatbreads. However, more doesn’t always mean better, as evidenced by my initial...
Restaurant Anaheim

Kareem’s: Ditching Ham for Generous Arab Food in Anaheim

In Little Arabia, a pan-arab enclave near Disneyland that dates to the late ’80s, Kareem’s is the closest thing to an institution. Bethlehem native Mike Hawari and wife Nazarene have been open for 15...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Koko’s: Middle Eastern Food Made with Jeweler’s Eye for Detail

Since this is Los Angeles, it makes sense that one of the city’s best Middle Eastern restaurants would share a Van Nuys strip mall with a water shop and a restaurant touting “Edible Sandwiches.”...
Flatbread Los Angeles

Best Middle Eastern Flatbreads in Los Angeles

Los Angeles may be pizza-challenged, but at least four flatbread artisans are producing scintillating Middle Eastern equivalents: Arax Bakery and Sasoun Bakery in east Hollywood and Old Sasoon Bakery and Koko’s Bakery in Pasadena....