Percolate Matcha Royale (Drink of the Week)

Tea Los Angeles

Matcha Royale is a flavorful multi-layered tea drink.

Boba tea bars have proliferated beyond Asian enclaves like the San Gabriel Valley and Little Saigon, for the betterment of SoCal’s food scene. Near Sawtelle Boulevard’s Japantown in West LA’s Georgetown Plaza, Jeremy Godsil opened one of area’s best boba tea options last year: Percolate. The modern shop features white walls decorated with pink boba balls and touch-screen photo menus touting descriptions, caffeine ratings, and tea origins for each drink.

Slide to the screen featuring Signature Tea Drinks and find Matcha Royale ($6) listed under a Rich & Decadent subheader. Frothy whisked, ceremonial grade Uji Matcha with moderate bitterness stars in a three-layer drink that also includes creamy oat milk and sweet tart, house-made berry puree that combines blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. At the bottom of the branded plastic cup, customers will find bouncy tapioca balls that Percolate clearly makes frequently to maintain freshness. To achieve optimum balance, stir to integrate the beverage’s three layers.


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