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Top Los Angeles Savory Pies

Savory pies can take many forms. They’re available either with or without a lid, gargantuan or hand-held, and filled with ingredients either luxurious or pedestrian. Learn about 15 Top Los Angeles Savory Pies, which...
Dessert Los Angeles

dineLA Restaurant Week Hits and Misses: January 2013

The latest dineLA Restaurant Week culminated on February 1, 2013. Almost 300 L.A. area restaurants created prix fixe menus. I visited four restaurants from my 12 Top Picks for dineLA’s Restaurant Week: Winter 2013....
Bakery Sign Los Angeles

Father’s Office II: Sang Yoon’s Sleeker, Helms Bakery Spinoff

There is probably no Los Angeles restaurant as divisive as Father’s Office. Chef-owner Sang Yoon cultivated a dedicated following at his Santa Monica gastropub thanks to his unrivaled burger, compelling beer list and complete...
Gastropub Los Angeles

Father’s Office: Hawking For Buzz-Worthy Burgers

While my cousin Jimmy and I had a great meal on Friday at Providence, we were still in search of buzz. Buzz is the rare excitement that comes from being at a restaurant with...