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Beer Los Angeles

Hop in a New Way

This year’s Unity beer for L.A. Beer week featured Gargoyle hops. This hop sprung from California Cluster and imparts (in general) a mango/citrus bouquet. Though not grown in large acreage yet, if it becomes...
Ice Cream Sandwich Los Angeles

#LABW6: Still More to Do

There are only 4 days left of the 2014 celebration of all things craft beer in Los Angeles. Since this is a little over the halfway point of L.A. Beer Week, it is time...
Top 10 California

10 Great California Session Beers

The general criteria for a Session Ale is that it is under 5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume).  Some pundits say it should be lower than 4.5%.  Either way, it needs to be a lighter...
Top 10 California

10 Great California Pale Ales

Even the most casual of craft beer fans will know the most famous pale ale.  And yes, it is on the list below.  But what is a pale ale?  Especially nowadays.  According to the...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: brewmaster Jesse Houck (Golden Road Brewing)

Golden Road Brewing has a different look these days with the recent arrival of Jesse Houck as brewmaster at the destination Atwater Village brewery and pub. I recently sat down with Houck inside Chloe’s before...
Brewers Bay Area

Interview: head brewer Brian Thorson (Drake’s Brewing)

Brian Thorson, the head brewer from Drake’s Brewing, recently traveled from San Leandro to help promote his beers at Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood. The Bay Area native previously worked for Harpoon Brewing in...