Village Snack & Bakery Chocolate Haupia Slice (Food of the Week)

Dessert Kauai

Haupia pie is a classic Hawaiian dessert. Village Snack & Bakery gives it new form.

Village Snack & Bakery is a humble Hanalei restaurant from Narcisa Concepcion located in the back row of Ching Young Village with worn blue benches inside, old black and white photos of the area, and a single picnic table out front. They’re locally famous for chile pepper fried chicken, deep-fried thighs tossed with spicy soy sauce that are indeed worth ordering. After the plate lunch is complete, stick around for a substantial chocolate haupia slice.

Chocolate Haupia Slice ($4) is a square play on Hawaii’s most famous pie and features a soft shortbread base supporting firm coconut custard, chocolate (or vanilla) pudding, and whipped cream sporting shredded coconut.


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