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Chinese Food Los Angeles

Mr. Fish Szechuan Bistro Steamed Eggs with Clams [CLOSED]

Despite the fact that I cover restaurants for a living, my in-laws have always shown less confidence in my ability to find good food than anybody else in my life, not to mention complete...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

Legendary Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage + Chile

The San Gabriel Valley has become a hotbed for Sichuan cuisine, and now offerings have diversified to the point that menus can feel pretty far from similar. Legendary Restaurant is a Sichuan restaurant located...
Pork Los Angeles

Henry’s Cuisine Deep Fried Salted Pig Feet

In San Francisco, Chris Cosentino and Mark Pastore committed to producing “tasty salted pig parts” with their Boccalone salumi brand. In Alhambra, on the San Gabriel Valley’s western edge, Henry’s Cuisine takes the concept...
Craft Beer San Diego

Pizza Port Carlsbad Shoulder Hopper IPA

During LA Beer Week, 38 Degrees hosts Ultimate Flight Night, an event involving servers in flight attendant outfits serving themed beer-flights of best-in-class brews. Really though, it’s possible to build your own Ultimate Flight...
Shaved Snow Los Angeles

Ice Que Black & White Shaved Snow [CLOSED]

Plenty of people are happy with Fruity Pebbles, rainbow sprinkles and crumbled brownies, but not Quenelle owner John Park, who just debuted L.A.’s first chef-driven shaved show concept, Ice Que. He took over Avalanche...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

Chengdu Taste Shrimp and Potato

Local publications have heaped so much praise on Chengdu Taste since the Sichuan-style restaurant opened in 2013 that it’s barely possible to tell the front wall exists beneath a sea of framed write-ups. I...