Dessert / Pastries

Nanaimo Bar Nanaimo

Nanaimo Bars from Mon Petit Choux + Bocca Cafe

Nanaimo, a town on the northeast coast of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, is the birthplace of the Nanaimo bar, a chilled square crafted with layers of chocolate, buttercream, and a base made with ingredients...
Israeli Dessert Los Angeles

Hebel & Co. Halva (Food of the Week)

Considering how much Angelenos have embraced Mediterranean flavors and spices, it’s a wonder that Hebel & Co. is the first local company to take a serious stab at halva, the sesame paste dessert that’s...
Popsicle Los Angeles

Nomad Ice Pops Blackberry Honey Popsicle (Food of the Week)

Geoff Jennings set out to be a nomad, selling his seasonal popsicles by cart at concerts and events. Mobile vending still accounts for 65-70% of Nomad Ice Pops business. Thankfully for San Gabriel Valley...
Shaved Snow Los Angeles

Ice Que Black & White Shaved Snow (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Plenty of people are happy with Fruity Pebbles, rainbow sprinkles and crumbled brownies, but not Quenelle owner John Park, who just debuted L.A.’s first chef-driven shaved show concept, Ice Que. He took over Avalanche...
Korean Dessert Los Angeles

Okrumong Black Snow Bowl w/Red Bean (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Lunch or dinner is never enough in Koreatown, an action packed neighborhood with the highest concentration of good food in L.A. It doesn’t take much convincing to tack on an extra snack, a second...
Shaved Ice Taipei

Wu Di Mango Shaving Ice: Huaxi Street Night Market Staple

I wandered Longshan Temple, home to burning incense and gold Buddhas, before descending into Huaxi Street Night Market. The cross-shaped market devotes stalls to sugar cane juice, number running, eel noodles, and egg cakes...