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It was a mere five weeks ago that I posted my review of the first ColLAboration event. But since then, the beer brain trust behind the pop-up biergarten has been hard at work prepping for the sequel.

On June 4, next to Blue Palms Brewhouse, ColLAboration’s relaxed beer vibe re-appears on famed Hollywood Boulevard. From Eagle Rock Brewery to Hair of the Dog to Grand Teton, a bevy of brews will be on tap under the June gloom skies.

And that is not all, for the month of July, every Friday and Saturday the tents will be up across from the Roxy on the Sunset Strip. Much like a band in residence at a club, the collaboration will be in residence to serve the community along with the brews.

And that is still not all, there will be an extra token table this time around as well as a big menu board of the food that you can call and order and have delivered to your table in the biergarten. The organizers were paying attention to what worked and what didn’t.

Organizers have plans for this roving beer-a-palooza to appear across the Southland. Locations are being ironed out but don’t be surprised to see it near you. This is about truly including as much of Los Angeles as possible. Remember this is not only a collaboration of beer sellers. It is also a collaboration of the distributors and the customers and the community.

After talking with Tony Yanow of Tony’s Darts Away, it is clear that a new form of beer celebration is being created in front of our eyes. A place where craft beer is “more celebrated, more revered”. A place where people from 21 to 95 can drop in for one beer or while away a few hours over conversation and some special ales. A place where you don’t have to yell over a jukebox and where there isn’t a drink all you can mentality.

For the craft beer of the week, I recommend not just one, but a case. Sierra Nevada has been holding Beer Camps up in Chico with most of the beers being kegged only and sometimes in small amounts and only to limited locales. But now you can buy a variety pack of these experimental beers. Including a Double IPA, Weizenbock, Juniper Black ale and a California Common. It’s a great pack that you and a friend or two can split.

Your homework is to check out a recently opened craft beer bar. Be it Beer Belly in Koreatown or Steingarten LA on the Westside or Oscar’s Cerveteca in Venice. The effort required to bring a new good beer friendly place into being is enormous so the least we can all do is visit as many as we can.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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can’t wait for next week to check out CoLAboration!

Can’t wait to check out Beer Belly…yay Koreatown beer renaissance!
(comment #3!)

The ColLAboration events are well run.

I really want to go to the SN Beer camp..

Wish I could be there for the Hollywood ColLAboration. Instead I’ll be stuck at a wedding. *Tear*

Missed the first event. This one sounds like it may be even better. Always great to find a relaxed place to sip some quality craft beers

Love the variety packs, such a great idea!

Sounds awesome!

Wow, thanks for the heads up, definitely marking my calendar on June 4th!

Can’t wait for all of the summer brews this year!

I really wish I could be there for the second one. Sounds like the first event was incredible…

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