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Craft Beer Huntington Beach

Riip, New and Old Collaboration + Karl Strauss DTLA

We return to Huntington Beach after last week’s visit to the latest Beachwood Brewing to check out Riip Beer Co. on the corner of PCH & Warner Avenue. The beer geek statisticians out there...
Beer Week Los Angeles

Pick Six from LABW8

Now that L.A. Beer Week is in the rearview, it’s time to highlight a six-pack of my favorite beers from the past week’s celebration. 1. Boomtown Brewery Aliso Strong Dark Ale During the DTLA...
Craft Beer Event Los Angeles

Oscar Worthy Beer

ColLAboration returned last Sunday to offer up a collection of interesting beers in an ornate theater. It was the perfect pre-Oscar party minus Billy Crystal and paparazzi. The Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Enter the Laboratory

Another brewery has hung up an OPEN sign here in the Southland. LAB Brewing is brewing just down the street from Ladyface Ale Companie in Agoura Hills. The first three brews out of brewmaster...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Summer is for Sequels

It was a mere five weeks ago that I posted my review of the first ColLAboration event. But since then, the beer brain trust behind the pop-up biergarten has been hard at work prepping...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Collaborate With Me

I have been to my fair share (and probably a few other people’s share) of craft beer events from the Great American Beer Festival to the Oregon Brewers Fest. So any new event will...