South Point Replacing Gaucho Grill on Sunset Strip [CLOSED]

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A culinary quartet from Córdoba replaces an existing Argentinean concept. [South Point Argentine Grill]

South Point Argentine Grill is coming to former Sunset Strip home of Gaucho Grill, in Sunset Laurel Plaza. Fernando Spila, Fernando Escuti, Gonzalo Escuti and Fabian Gil are the partners in Patagonia Food Concepts, Inc. The Argentinean quartet already has South Point Argentine Grills in Valencia and Cordoba, Argentina. Los Angeles makes three locations.

Chef Gil learned to make pastas and salads from his Italian-born mother and learned to grill from his Argentinean father – “the best asador (grill cook) north of Antarctica.” At the Valencia original, the most popular dishes include Skirt Steak, Cilantro Caesar Salad, Penne Diablo, Lemon Halibut, New York Bleu, Sunset Portabello, Shrimp Santa Cruz and the Parrillada Argentina, which includes grilled skirt steak, short ribs, half-chicken, chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage), sweetbreads, French fries and zucchini. For dessert, Gil touts his Panqueques con dulce, “the second best dessert served in Santa Clarita.”

The space will be “rustic contemporary,” with browns and greens to match the Pampas.

As for South Point service, “We don’t have customers coming to eat at our place,” says Gil. “We have guests coming to our house, and as such, we’re going to be personable, knowing the people’s name and welcome them.”


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Quiero decir que si este es igual que en Santa clarita, pobre gente, atenganse, nunca tienen comida suficiente y la atencion de los duenos es malisima.Ademas tenga cuidado que no le cobren dos veces.

I’m hoping that is the same as the one in Santa Clarita. I’ll let you know after tonight!
Best wishes guys!
Marce & Kari

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