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n.y.&c. bridges the pizza gap between New York City and Chicago.

SOUTH’s owners are on the verge of opening n.y.&c. Pizza in the former Santa Monica home of Toi. Adam Milstein, Chris Shanley, Philip Boyd and Robyn Landrum always talked about opening a pizzeria. Now they’re less than two weeks away, according to Milstein.

“Everyone from New York says their pizza is the best,” says Milstein. “Everyone from Chicago says their pizza the best. So we decided to take a place, split it down the middle, and give people the best of both worlds.” With that in mind, chef Tim Gaffny will prepare a menu of New York-style and Chicago deep-dish pizzas, plus calzones, stromboli, Italian sausage and sausage rolls.

According to Milstein, “Chris hails from NY, and took an extensive trip researching and working at some of NY’s most famous pizzerias” – Salvatores of Soho and Carmine’s. Milstein said his grandfather became best friends at a young age with the owner one of Chicago’s most famous pizzerias – Wapaghettis – who was instrumental in “perfecting” their deep dish.

Milstein says the New York/Chicago divide even applies to the dining room. “The left side looking like New York (through pictures, memorabilia and paraphernalia) and the right side looking like Chicago. Table tops have been varnished with NY Times, and old school pictures of Chicago.” Aurora Milstein of Interiors by Aurora also featured brick walls, polished concrete floors, old-school sit-down video games and high ceilings.


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more importantly, will there be cheesecake?!

Not only will there be cheesecake, you’ll also find cannolis and a deep dish chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream.

I accidentally uploaded the pizza menu twice. Now you’ll find both sides of the menu.

Did this ever open…?

Tonight, according to co-owner Adam Milstein:

“Should be next week…”

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