Siga La Vaca Ubre (Food of the Week)

Colombian Food Rozo

Siga La Vaca serves almost every part of the cow, including delectable udder.

My high school friend Ben had a true destination wedding, gathering close friends and family to the outskirts of Cali, Colombia, which is where his wife Karol was born and raised. The morning after the nuptials, we returned to Rozo, a town 30 minutes from Cali, to say goodbye to Karol’s family and have one last lunch. I joined Ben’s family on a palapa-shaded patio at a place called Siga La Vaca (“follow the cow”), parrilla that serves almost every cut of beef imaginable. The kitchen has a grill that burns avocado wood and another local wood called mata raton (“rat killer”). Our meaty lunch included punta de anca (ribeye), costillas ahumadas (smoked pork ribs) and house-made morcilla (blood sausage), but I’ll most remember ubre (280 g for 15,000 ~ $4.75). Sizzling, char-crossed slabs of tender cow’s udder were basically the lightest red meat imaginable, served with griddled arepas (cornmeal pancakes), herbaceous chimichurri, and mild, chunky salsa.

Siga La Vaca Ubre (Food of the Week)


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