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My father has been a ginger beer junkie ever since he and my stepmom spent three months in Australia to start 2014. Ginger ale is fine, but the carbonated ginger beverage has nothing on ginger beer’s fermented fire. During his most recent visit to L.A., he was happy to find a Seabold Ginger Beer/strong> stall in the middle of Sunday’s Mar Vista Farmers Market.

According to brothers Pat & Jon Mathisen, “While traveling throughout India and Southeast Asia in 2010, we both developed an affinity for the distinct spices and flavors of these vast regions. The presence of ginger as a central ingredient in the South Asian diet sparked our interest; its piquant taste, versatility, and nutritional potency were more apparent to us than ever before. We returned home inspired by our experience and set out to find a beverage that showcased the complexity of ginger.” They settled on ginger beer after searching grocery stores and farmers markets and deciding they could do better. Their classic ginger beer incorporates organic ginger, lemon juice, green cardamom, juniper berry and clove, delivering balance without too much sweetness or burn. I found their turmeric black pepper version to be even more unique, with a bold yellow color and even more kick. Mix one part of this turmeric black pepper concoction with four parts sparkling water to achieve optimum dilution/results.

Buy Seabold ginger beer at the Mar Vista Farmers Market or at a few dozen stores.


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You honestly had us at “turmeric black pepper ginger beer” — this sounds absolutely amazing. The classic ginger beer, with green cardamom, sounds like a total show stopper as well. Can’t wait to seek these out and give them a try!

Take My Shift Team, definitely seek out Seabold ginger beer. Even their basic version is a hit.

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