Rose Café Macadamia Phosphate (Drink of the Week)

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Venice has become a tech hotbed, but employees can’t just subsist on gigabytes. Thankfully, places like the retooled Rose Café & Restaurant have surfaced to fuel their late nights in cyberspace. Each night, people from companies like Google and Snapchat fill The Rose’s bar and patios for Jason Neroni’s comfort food, and of course to drink. Sprout Restaurant Group Director of Beverage Operations Nick Meyer and his bar team have created a compelling cocktail menu that includes the Macadamia Phosphate ($13), a frothy, nutty beverage that blends rums, macadamia nut orgeat, acid phosphate, and dry vermouth in a coupe.

Meyer described this tiki style cocktail as “a trial in different acids.” You won’t find any citrus. Instead, he opted for dry vermouth’s “natural acidity” and acid phosphate’s “punchy acidity.” Macadamia nuts made the mix since most of his family hails from Hawaii, including his mom. Meyer salts and roasts the nuts in-house to produce a fortified orgeat. Novo Fogo cachaca contributes grassy notes while Denizen 8 builds body and dries out the drink. Finishing sea salt helps the mac nut flavor shine. Meyer added, “It drinks like no other tiki cocktail I’ve ever had.” I agree.

Address: 220 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

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