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L.A. River Brewing Company is calling on locals to help release beers like Silverlake Hopster.

Kickstarter.com…it’s been used for many a craft beer project and some other truly odd endeavors. But none closer to home than for us in the Los Angeles craft beer community than the L.A. River Brewing Company.

Tanner Worth, Constance Marshall, Ryan Truax and Jessica Marshall are trying to raise funds using the popular crowdsourcing website.  And if you can donate even a little bit then we will be a step closer to tasting Tinseltown Brown, Silverlake Hopster and Olympic Boulevard Imperial Stout on tap perhaps in bars in Hollywood, Silver Lake and on any Boulevard in Los Angeles.  Maybe, in the future we will also see a La Brea Tar Pits Coffee stout.

Those unfamiliar with Kickstarter need to know that you have to raise the full amount that you request or you don’t get any of the money and L.A. River has set an ambitious goal of $75,000. That means you will need to not only become a backer but you need to tell all of your beer loving friends, family, neighbors and your postman to donate too. The tweet it to your tweeples by using adding @lariverbrewco to your message. It does take a village to raise a brewery.

This is our opportunity to catch up to the craft beer Meccas across the country by adding another to our roster. And if you pledge now, you don’t have to pay until February. That is some smart shopping.

Your Beer of the Week is a steal of a deal from your neighborhood Trader Joe’s. This time of year they always bring out their Vintage Ale. It is brewed by Unibroue of Canada. This year they have added a second beer to the end-of-the-year mix. Providential Golden Ale. Basically a lighter version of the Vintage Ale but with a hearty 7.5% ABV. According to the label, it has a “champagne-like effervescence and aromatic notes of citrus peel and ginger, this beer is malty, mildly sweet and hoppy with a subtle, spicy finish. It is sure to please the most finicky beer drinkers.” It is the poor man’s Avec Le Bons Vouex.

Your Homework is watch the video for another craft beer related Kickstarter project. Crafting a Nation “is a feature length documentary and new media project that tells the story of how American Craft Brewers are rebuilding the economy one beer at a time.” The filmmakers have traveled from beer Meccas like Asheville and Portland and to Austin, St. Louis and Boston to show the economic impact of our favorite beverage. Sounds much better than another Transformers movie to me.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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I’ve supported many a Kickstarter program and seen many come to life, as well! Good luck to your friends – America could always use another craft brewer!

You are absolutely right. We need Good Luck and more breweries in L.A.

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