The Raymond 1886 Plagues of Egypt

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In the Book of Exodus, God unleashes 10 Plagues of Egypt, including fiery hail and frogs, compelling the Pharaoh to free enslaved Israelites. This isn’t typical cocktail fodder, but bartenders Jesse Gomez and Adam Vaughn teamed on an apocalyptic drink by that name at The Raymond 1886 in Pasadena, an indoor-outdoor bar on a historic Craftsman-style property that originally served as the Raymond Hotel’s servants quarters.

Peter Lloyd Jones, the former bar lead and an artist, designed the bound menu to resemble a graphic novel featuring dragons, dinosaurs, and the aforementioned pharaohs. Plagues of Egypt ($15) incorporates sweet, fruity Camus Cognac, toasty, slightly tangy Lustau Amontillado Sherry, lemon juice, hibiscus syrup, and a dank, spicy float of Boulevard Tank 7 Saison. Yes, that’s a frog garnish hanging from the side of a Collins glass, another nod to one of the plagues.

The menu description reads, “Before locusts and fire, there was blood!…There is no remedy for the 10 plagues…except for this cocktail.” Despite all of the doom and gloom, this drink is well balanced and delicious.


Joshua Lurie

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