Provenance Earl Grey Manhattan Cream Soda [CLOSED]

Soda Orange County

In the Newport Beach highlands, not far from the glitz of Balboa Bay, Proven-Ance is a Napa-style, farm-to-table restaurant in Eastbluff Village Center. Chef Cathy Pavlos has a 1300-square foot garden at her disposal, which resides in the back patio and features raised beds and living walls. It should come as no surprise that most items are made in-house, including cocktail infusions and an excellent Earl Grey Manhattan Cream Soda ($6).

The luxurious soda features syrup crafted from liquefied sugar, Earl Grey tea bags and vanilla bean. Half and half adds richness to the aromatic beverage, which arrives on the rocks in a Mason jar with a fluffy whipped cream cap. Sip the soda through a straw, soak up the bucolic surroundings, and gird yourself before stepping back into the world of Orange County.

Address: 2531 Eastbluff Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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