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At Potzol den Cano in Santa Ana, Hugo Omar Cano and his family proudly serve pozole daily, drawing on pre-Hispanic culinary traditions. The three-year-old restaurant resides in a strip mall and builds on Potzol den Cano’s success in Mexico City and Querétaro. The dining room’s fine, and the patio is especially pleasant, decorated with shipping crates and plants both real and faux. The setting was nice and all, but my goal was in the bowl.

According to the menu, “In the Nahuatl dialect, which had its origin in Mexico, “pozolli” translates to foam. When the corn used in the pozole is boiled, the kernels open up resembling a flower’s bloom and produce a light layer of foam, which is where pozole gets its name from.” Moctezuma was even a pozole fan, and Potzol den Cano made a pretty convincing case for why the dish has persisted for so many years.

Pozole ($9 large) featured a murky broth with flavor coaxed from slow-cooked pork and hominy. Potzol den Cano offers a choice of toppings. I opted for juicy shredded pork and cartilage-rich pork feet. [Be careful of bones.] Each order comes with a dish of spicy chile de arbol salsa, tostadas to tear or top, shredded iceberg lettuce, squeezable lime wedges, crunchy sliced radish and chopped white onion. Pile on the toppings, or play it safe. You might not have as many options as Moctezuma did, but it’s still fun to customize your pozole.

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Address: 1003 South Bristol Street, Santa Ana, CA 92707

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