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In late February, it was looking like Steven Arroyo would open Potato Chips in early March, featuring an Ingredients inspired menu from Michael Ruiz. Now Ruiz is lo longer involved with the project. Instead, he’ll continue to oversee Arroyo’s Little Parlor Pizzeria and Sgt. Recruiter.

Arroyo hopes to open Potato Chips by the end of the week, featuring a tweaked concept. Yesterday, Arroyo said, “We’re not trying to do anything too artisanal. We’ll have four to five classic sandwiches. We did go out and find the best Italian meats.” He expects to offer options like an Italian hero, roast beef, tuna, and a sandwich with rosemary, ham and Brie.

Potato Chips will fit about a dozen seats inside, and a dozen more outside. Arroyo isn’t sure yet whether Potato Chips will be open five days or seven days a week, but hours will be limited to lunch.


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I guess they can have their potato chips while we have our mendocino farms.

You’re definitely out of range for Potato Chips, but good point about Mendocino Farms. Starting soon, you won’t even have to walk up the hill to snag a pork belly banh mi.

“just lunch? sheesh who can go there then?”

All the people working across the street at CBS Television City for starters. SBE’s offices are in walking distance, too, and the WGA building is just a little farther. And that neighborhood is filled with lots of “artistic” types who are often home during the day.

That’s a high density, high traffic area. Potato Chips will have a pretty large customer base.

just lunch? sheesh who can go there then?

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