Pig Image Gallery (Part 2)

Pig Los Angeles

Eat Real Fest started in Oakland, expanded to the Helms Bakery complex, and they brought a badass pig diagram.

Pigs have never been more popular. They’re appearing on menus and fueling concepts at a record pace, entrepreneurs are hosting pig-focused events like Cochon 555, and a cottage industry has sprouted up to portray the prized animal in an often artistic light, not only to help market the meat, but also to celebrate this glorious animal. I’ll add to this gallery as I encounter more inspiring porcine imagery.

Pig Los Angeles

Amidst all the retro bric-a-brac on Chego‘s shelves, we found a single well-behaved pig.

Pigs Los Angeles

Elite Restaurant is often rated near the top for L.A. dim sum, and they also have a pair of lucky golden pigs near the entrance.

Pig Los Angeles

Starry Kitchen has a number of convincing ways of encouraging consumption, including blackboard diagrams. Pork belly in mouth? Don’t mind if I do.

Pig Los Angeles

Beachwood BBQ introduced a number of beer innovations to the SoCal beer scene, including the “flux capacitor,” and in their Long Beach location, a pig bobble head.

Pig Las Vegas

Of course All-Star Cochon, the Super Bowl of pork, featured plenty of pig imagery, including Stephanie Izard’s sponge, which allowed attendees to apply temporary tattoos.

Pigs Las Vegas

All-Star Cochon also set up a miniature barnyard beside their merch booth.

Pigs Los Angeles

The Curious Palate featured some intricate blackboard art at their Santa Monica Plate spinoff, including a menacing pig chef, who was carrying a cleaver.

Pig Los Angeles

Chang’s Garden clearly doesn’t skimp when it comes to filling the trough. Their wooden piggy bank near the register sported some fat cheeks.

Pig Los Angeles

At their new Sunset Strip location, Rosa Mexicano‘s molcajete, used for tableside guac prep, is shaped like a pig.

Pig Los Angeles

In the courtyard across from Ray’s and Stark Bar, LACMA features about a dozen sculptures of animal heads on spits, including an eerily life-like pig baring its tusks.

Pig Los Angeles

Beachwood BBQ featured Portland’s Cascade Brewing for their most recent Sour Fest, and near the entrance, a blackboard hinted at the arrival of P2, Porkment Day. After all, Beachwood isn’t just a craft beer haven, it’s also “where the fork meets the pork.”


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As usual, Josh, you bring a fun awareness to food.
Thanks for the input! Lorraine

Haha! Every restaurant I go to now, I would check to see if they have pork first before I order …


Like I said, Stan, pork isn’t just a type of meat, it’s a lifestyle.

What a fun gallery. Well done, sir.

Thanks, TreasureLA. Once I started paying more attention to pigs, it became clear that they’re everywhere.

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