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Italian Restaurant Los Angeles

Stefano Ongaro just e-mailed newsletter subscribers to let them know that All’ Angelo is no longer in business. In 2007, long-time friends and fellow Italians Stefano Ongaro and Mirko Paderno delivered All’ Angelo to a stretch of Melrose that was previously better known for quirky shops than quality restaurants. It wasn’t long before the restaurant was garnering rave reviews, but Paderno didn’t remain in the kitchen. Last December, All’ Angelo switched from fine dining to trattoria under new executive chef Ezio Puccioni, but the affordable menu wasn’t enough to stave off closure.

Here’s the bulk of Ongaro’s goodbye message:

“It is with profound sadness that I must inform you that All’ Angelo is no longer in business. Like many other restaurants here in this city and across the country we have become a victim of this unpredictable economy, and despite all of our efforts we are no longer able to keep our doors open… What made me happier, more than all the accolades we received, was the smile of happiness and satisfaction upon your faces on the way out of my restaurant. All’ Angelo was my dream, and I took great joy in sharing this dream and the tastes of my native Venice with all of you. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon, in better times. In the meantime, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for dining at All’ Angelo and sharing this dream with me.”


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Went to All’ Angelo for the first time in August. Was so impressed with the excellence of the food that I mentioned it to many friends. I am so sorry to hear of its closing.

Roberto is now working at Il Grano in West Los Angeles

This is very sad because the food there was amazing the better risotto and pasta I ever had:where Chef Roberto is gong to be ? for sure I going to follw him!

that’s too bad. i never had the chance to dine there. despite a glut of italian restaurants, this city does not have a lot of great ones.

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