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Chef Los Angeles

Neal Fraser showcased avocado versatility in assorted sweet and savory creations.

The California Avocado Commission joined forces with chef Neal Fraser at BLD on March 12 to showcase versatile California avocados in breakfast dishes, a drink and dessert.

The presentation included a story from VP of Marketing Jan DeLyser about the avocado equivalent of Johnny Appleseed, Rudolph Hass, who moved from Wisconsin, developed his very own varietal by grafting the Fuerte varietal in La Habra Heights, and delivering seeds on his postal route. Hass is now the global standard, with approximately 80 million trees worldwide.

Avocado Cocktail Los Angeles

Fraser started BLD guests at the bar, where we each shook our own Pisco Sour, including 1.5 ounces of Pisco, 1 ounce of lime juice cut with lemons, egg white, an añejo tequila float, and a surprise sinker of California avocado “caviar.”

Fraser said the goal for the rest of his avocado offerings (and his cooking in general) involves “getting really great ingredients and not taking them too far out.”

Avocado Dinner Los Angeles

For Fraser’s hearty amuse bouche – Chilaquiles de Avocado – crispy tortilla chips hosted smoked chicken, mole, eggs, chorizo, cotija cheese, and of course California avocado.


Avocado Dinner Los Angeles

Bloody Mary Ceviche was a fun play on a brunch cocktail. The bowl contained shrimp and scallop ceviche with vodka and spicy tomato, but California Avocado Soup provided the most prominent element.

Fraser paid homage to famed Sydney chef Tetsuya Wakuda with nice and simple recipe involving blended avocado, salt, pepper, Merken (a Mapuche spice mix from Chile) and milk.

Avocado Dinner Los Angeles

Smoked Salmon Blini also touted California avocado mousse and a thin strip of omelet.


Avocado Dinner Los Angeles

Pork Shank Benedict was a play on a popular dish at the restaurant Fraser used to own with wife Amy. He described the dish as “GRACE on a bun.”

Pain de mie, a French white bread, supported pulled pork, a poached egg, a crispy California avocado (coated with flour, egg wash, panko, paprika and chile flakes), and citrus Hollandaise.

Avocado Dinner Los Angeles

California Avocado Olive Oil Cake, my choice for Food of the Week, also involved Mascarpone ice cream and crunchy peanut brittle, a fitting finish.


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