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Mr. T recorded a review of his favorite restaurant, Mom's Bar-B-Q House in Van Nuys.

In November, I had the good fortune of running into Mr. T outside of Bed, Bath & Beyond in Sherman Oaks. He graciously took photos with fans, and on the way to his car, the former “A-Team” and “Rocky III” star even recorded a review of his favorite restaurant, Mom’s Bar-B-Q House in Van Nuys.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR MR. T’S REVIEW, which is way better as an audio file than onscreen, or continue on to read his words.

“I like to go to Mom’s. This is Mr. T and I like Mom’s, because the name alone, it attracted me about 12 years ago. A trainer friend of mine took me to there. He said, “Wow, that’s good.” I like the rice, I like the fried chicken, she does gumbo. She’s from New Orleans. Her and her sister, they run it. It’s a family operation. So when I come there and I eat it, it’s like my mom cooking. It’s the love. And it’s just a small place. It’s not fancy. Most people, they get their stuff, they pick it up and they go to work. A lot of police officers from around go there to eat. It’s a good atmosphere. You just feel the love. And that’s what means the most when I go to eat. I hug her, she hugs me, and it’s just wonderful. I’m an old fashioned mama’s boy, so I need that mom. That’s why the name attracted me. I like the name Mom. And I like the food, the mashed potatoes, the rice. I always get black-eyed peas and rice, a couple pieces of cornbread, three pieces of chicken, and get the peach cobbler to go – when I’ve lost a couple pounds. Some days I don’t get the peach cobbler because I don’t feel that I’ve worked out hard enough. It’s just a love atmosphere there, it’s just wonderful, to me. It works for me. I’ve been to the fancy places, but Mom’s works for me…

Is there any other place that you really like?

Nah. I’ll eat at other places, but Mom’s just makes me feel good.


Joshua Lurie

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