Morning Glass Coffee Espresso Soda

Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe has become one of the leading specialty coffee practitioners in Honolulu, and proprietor Eric Rose even took the unusual step of marry his brews with locally minded comfort food. Since they’re in the tropics, he also created an interesting roster of iced beverages, including a handful of carbonated-to-order sodas.

Rose found inspiration for his Espresso Soda ($3) in a bottle. As he said, “Several years ago I found Bibi Caffé, which are Italian espresso sodas, which are really right, very sweet, but I like them, I like the concept. I tried to recreate it and finally figured out how to do it.” Morning Glass Coffee’s Espresso Soda incorporates two shots of fresh-pulled Stumptown Hairbender espresso, soda water and simple syrup, frothy and served on ice.


Joshua Lurie

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