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Eric Rose

Morning Glass Coffee Espresso Soda

Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe has become one of the leading specialty coffee practitioners in Honolulu, and proprietor Eric Rose even took the unusual step of marry his brews with locally minded comfort food....
Coffee Honolulu

Interview: coffee pro Eric Rose (Morning Glass Coffee+Café)

Chicago native and longtime Starbucks exec Eric Rose opened Morning Glass Coffee + Café in the summer of 2011 in Honolulu’s residential Mānoa Valley. One year after our first Morning Glass experience, Rose shared...
Coffee Honolulu

Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe: Pourover on Breezy Honolulu Hilltop

A 32-minute run up the hillside from Waikiki quickly transitioned from Honolulu’s urban core to a green wonderland with no sidewalks, mist shrouded hilltops and fallen starfruit. It was kind of amazing how close...