Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream: Setting the Dairy Bar in Atlanta

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Ice Cream Shop Atlanta

Morelli’s supposedly serves the city’s best ice cream, so we set out for south Atlanta. This is an ice cream parlor on the fringes, residing in a low-traffic strip mall. Order at the window and sit on the outdoor patio, just like you would at a Dairy Queen. Thankfully, the ice cream was decidedly more regal due to Brazilian-born artisan Clarissa Morelli.

The flavors change seasonally. During our visit, there were 14 options, available in a cone, cup or waffle cone. They also have shakes and sundaes with names like Dirt n’ Worms.

Ice Cream Atlanta
It took serious restraint to limit myself to a “single” waffle cone ($3.89), which still allowed for two flavors. My sweet sample of Georgia peach was tempting, but not didn’t hold as much sway as coconut-jalapeño or sweet potato pie. Morelli’s coconut-jalapeño ice cream really brought the heat, with a sweet shredded coconut body, followed by a fiery finish from the jalapeño flecks. For my second scoop, it really was like eating sweet potato pie, with an earthy tuber sweetness. As for the texture, there was no mistaking Morelli’s ice cream for gelato; this was rich and comforting cream.

Ice Cream Cones Atlanta
Fresh waffle cones rest near the ordering window and certainly warrant attention. Their micro-thin rims are dipped in chocolate and studded with ingredients like rainbow sprinkles, crushed peanuts, shredded coconut and my choice, pulverized Graham cracker.

Morelli’s wasn’t quite as inventive as ice cream parlors Scoops or Humphry Slocombe, and they get one demerit for limiting their interactions to a sliding window, but it’s still a must-visit stop on any Atlanta eating tour.

Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream: Setting the Dairy Bar in Atlanta


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great post as usual!

thanks for your reveiw of our parlor.
normaly we have a large variety of flavors and especially the exotics. However, in the winter months we really cut back on flavors due to the decline of business(limitations of a walk up) you may see us on the west coast soon weve been invited to open a store in napa ….been to humphrey’s great flavor combinations

Thanks for the update. Please write back if the Napa store comes to fruition.

Thanks for this and the other reviews of Atlanta hot spots, Josh. I’ll be looking forward to trying them next time I head home. Happy Holidays!


Glad you like the reviews. Thanks. Hope you get a chance to benefit from them in 2010.

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