Monkish Brewing Shaolin Kick (Drink of the Week)

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Shaolin monks from China's Henan Province are popular figures in pop culture and credited with creating kung fu.

What do Wu Tang Clan, Shaolin Soccer and Bruce Lee have in common? Those songs and movies are typically playing in the background when Monkish Brewing co-owner Henry Nguyen and his crew are brewing Shaolin Fist, the Belgian-style dubbel crafted with Sichuan peppercorns. To commemorate their second anniversary, Nguyen and his wife Adriana didn’t settle for a punch. Instead, they upped the impact with a celebratory Shaolin Kick.

Last weekend at Torrance’s Del Amo Business Park, Monkish featured special beers on 12 taps in their tasting room, and Shaolin Kick was the fiercest beer, which appeared on cask. The cloudy, rust-colored dubbel clocks 7% ABV and doesn’t just contain the Sichuan peppercorns, which deliver citrusy Sichuan peppercorns. The Kick also contains Sriracha, which adds a slow burn, and Thai basil, which adds a bright note that accentuates the pepper.

Henry Nguyen grew up Buddhist, and said that his mother is so devout, he wouldn’t be surprised if she commits to a nunnery at some point. Instead of devoting himself entirely to Buddha’s teachings, he’s committed to a family, and a community-driven brewery, but as Shaolin Kick proves, his beers don’t have to be quite so kind.

Monkish Brewing Shaolin Kick (Drink of the Week)


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