Migrant French Onion Tsukemen [CLOSED]

Ramen Maui

Chef Sheldon Simeon deftly melds local and global thinking for Migrant's French onion tsukemen.

Migrant a modern pan-Asian restaurant and lounge from former Star Noodle + Leoda’s chef Sheldon Simeon, serves “Modern Local Cuisine” at Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.

Migrant’s motto is “Come My House. Eat!” The concept honors the Hawaiian pineapple and sugar cane field workers who migrated from China, Portugal, Japan, and the Philippines, creating a new “local food.” Simeon has a number of creative dishes to enjoy while overlooking the pool, palm trees and Pacific Ocean, including French Onion Tsukemen ($26).

This mash-up combines strengths of Japanese dipping ramen (tsukemen) and French onion soup. Locally produced Iwamoto Natto ramen noodles, which carry serious tensile strength, are tossed in garlic oil, showered with grated Gruyere cheese and served in a bowl with two squares of tender 12-hour braised short rib. A smaller bowl of Kula French onion soup, bolstered with veal stock and strands of molten Maui onion, are designed for dipping. The soup coats the noodles beautifully and helps to take the flavors of this dish to another level.


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