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Fried Chicken Los Angeles

On June 22, to kickstart summer, Mark Gold tapped a keg of North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner and invited Angelenos to Eva Restaurant to fill a Solo cup as many times as they liked. $25 for a refillable cup of craft beer might not seem like a great deal, until you consider the complimentary accompaniment: a bottomless container of crispy buttermilk-brined fried chicken. Gold clearly hit on a winning combination, since his restaurant was full-to-bursting for the debut.

Gold had several surprises in store for the evening, including a trio of $5 sides: creamed spinach, espelette-dusted creamed corn, and potato salad folded with whole-grain mustard, egg, minced pickle and more.

Cheesesteak Los Angeles
Gold even broke out another regional American classic, the cheesesteak. His deluxe version incorporated thin-sliced Prime New York rib-eye, sous vide onions and molten cheddar.

After our six-top tore through three containers of fried chicken, dessert was hard to fathom, but if you’re interested and have stomach space to spare, it’s possible to order a slice of post-chicken apple pie ($3.50).

The ravenous crowd demolished 225 pounds of fried chicken in no time. Based on the overwhelming response, fried chicken is now a regular Tuesday feature at Eva. If the crowds return, and they should, just make sure to reserve a table, and Eva’s got you covered.


Joshua Lurie

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Blog Comments

I have been to the restaurant and I love it. My suggestion is get rid of the photo of the monkey puke sandwich. That photo is very unappetizing. I am a photographer and a foodie and this photo is terrible. Thanks for listening.

glad they are going to try to do it regularly since I couldn’t make this one. Is it just me.. or do the sides look kind of measely? Also is it a trio for $5, or is it a trio of sides at $5 each

That photo isn’t representative of the size of the sides. Fairly generous portions are served in Chinese takeout-style containers, but they weren’t exactly photogenic, so I plated them with the chicken, which also appears in a white cardboard container. Also, each side costs $5.

So is the $25 deal going to be a regular thing or is he just adding fried chicken to the menu on Tuesdays? How was the chicken? (aside from plentiful)

$25 for chicken and beer will be the regular Tuesday night deal at Eva. The chicken was good, especially the second batch, which was juicy, with crispy skin and minimal grease.

What a genius idea – went last night & couldn’t even get through door. Finally, Mark came over & got us a 4 top – we had the best time, great food, beer & conversation. The energy in the room just bounced off everyone & I don’t think anyone had a bad time! We’re back next week for sure!

One week in and you’re already a regular. Nice. I could definitely see going back for more. The wings were particularly great.

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