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Koreatown needs more BBQ restaurants like the 2016 Lakers need more losses. That said, I wasn’t mad to see the arrival of Magal BBQ, a Korea born chain with over 500 restaurants around the world, primarily in Asia, which recently expanded to Los Angeles.

The K-Town branch has colorful icons of key ingredients and tabletop grills with compartments for molten kimchi eggs and creamed corn. Combos are the way to go, particularly Pork ($49.99 and up). Sure, skirt meat, belly, and boneless short rib were tasty, but the bite of the night went to special pork neck. Fat-rimmed strips seared on the grill, straddling the line between crispy and crunchy. Dipped in a dish of coarse sea salt seemed to work best. Of all the meats I ate with my wife and friends, this is the cut I could see ordering in full on my next visit.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.

Address: 3460 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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One of my favorite pork dish! Im craving! Glad theyve opened here in LA.

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