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Locali provides “conscious convenience” in Franklin Village.

Greg Horos and Melissa Rosen opened Locali on January 22 in the former Franklin Village home of Franklin Grocery, offering “conscious convenience.” I stopped by mid-afternoon to soak up the excitement and survey the offerings.

Horos and Rosen hired Ana Henton and Greg Williams from MASS Architecture & Design to craft their “Japanese quik-mart meets European corner store.” Behind the glass facade, you’ll find floor-to-ceiling shelves crafted from reclaimed Douglas fir, along with three matching counter seats and outdoor benches. The floors: concrete: Lighting: solar tube and LED. Locali may not be LEED certified, but it is eco-friendly to the core.

The countertop features croissants and muffins from The Sensitive Baker, who avoids wheat, gluten, dairy and casein. Below that, a refrigerated case holds seven Spring Hill Cheese varieties, including sage cheddar, Feta and Giana.

Choice dink offerings include “rich & pulpy” Fizzy Lizzy fruit sodas: Graprefruit, Red Hill Pomegranate and Coast Rican Pineapple. If you’re feeling adventurous, down a bottle of Biotta “Digestive Drink,” subtitled “organic sauerkraut juice.” Just look for the cabbage label. Beer-wise, you’ll find local a healthy selection of local microbrews: Skyscraper Lug Nut Lager from El Monte, Dale Bros. Brewery Pomona Queen and big bottles from The Bruery. Rosen and Horos even dispense fresh ginger grape slushies sweetened with agave.

The freezer held nice surprises like Twin Hens chicken pot pies, Blackwing ostrich steak strips and three varieties of Full of Life Flatbread, produced by Clark Staub in Los Alamos. Locali stocks Tomato Sauce Pizza w/3 Cheeses, Flax Seed & Pistachio Pizza with Red Onions & and Rosemary and Olive & Feta Pizza with Cornmeal Crust & Tomatoes.

Seasonal soups involve sweet and sour cabbage, lentil, and chicken vegetable. By next week, Rosen said Locali will sell organic salads and deli sandwiches made on Oliver’s pretzel bread.

Deborah Stern of La Guera Tamalera showed up during my visit. She plans to introduce her full tamale line today, including organic free-range chicken in green sauce; family farmed pork in red sauce; blue corn jalapeño & cheese (vegetarian), spinach & mushroom, “fignana” and “sasquash” – sweet yam and butternut squash with red bean filling. If you’re looking for more more info about the White Girl Tamale Maker, check out Pat Saperstein’s great post on Eating LA.

Locali isn’t limited to consumption. Rosen and Horos also sell eco-friendly toilet paper, aluminum foil, soap, candles and suntan lotion. They sell blue and silver metal water bottles. You can also purchase seeds to Grow a Tree, varieties like Ancient Bristlecone Pine, Giant Sequoia and Venus Fly Trap.


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This place sounds awesome! I can’t wait to check it out.

Sounds about right for eco-conscious LA.

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