Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale: A Broiled and Fried Seafood Story

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Restaurant Sign Connecticut

Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale is one of the best seafood options in southeast Connecticut.

Since 1979, Lenny & Joe’s has been supplying coastal Connecticut with broiled and fried seafood. Lenny & Joe’s reach extends west, to a fried seafood outpost in Madison, and east to a third location in Westerly, Rhode Island. I also took a photo of the building’s exterior, but honestly, the white paint and blue awning are dull. Thankfully, the seafood was more inspiring.

Model Ships Connecticut

Most seafaring design pieces are bunched near the entrance, including model ships and bygone lantern.

Crab Cakes Connecticut

Mammoth crab cakes ($10.95) featured crisp crusts. Probably a little too crisp. Still, the crab meat was fresh, and each order came with a cup of remoulade sauce and a plank of fresh-baked honey wheat bread.

Clam Chowder Connecticut

No, this isn’t a latte. Clam chowder came in a mug with whole Quahogs, diced potatoes, and peppery, milky broth.

Seafood Connecticut

Appetizers were pretty good, but Lenny & Joe’s entrees really impressed me. This broiled scallop casserole ($14.95) featured plump local scallops and a phenomenal topping of buttery seasoned breadcrumbs.

Lobster Roll Connecticut

Maine is better known for lobster rolls, but Lenny & Joe’s hot buttered specimen ($15.70) was still outstanding.

Buttered Maine lobster meat was the only ingredient nestled in the toasted roll. The meat was sensational on its own, but a cup of drawn butter never hurt anything. The dinner was complemented by creamy cole slaw and red bliss potatoes boiled in sea salt.


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