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LAMILL barista Amber Johnson invites guests to relive childhood in a glass with her caramel corn drink.

Craig Min has rolled out two new signature drinks at LAMILL Coffee, the Silver Lake coffee boutique he owns with wife Jean Shim-Min. Amber Johnson, LAMILL’s manager/barista/trainer, developed the first recipe for the United States Barista Championship. When she presented Caramel Corn in Portland, Johnson said she was interested in deconstructing common comfort foods and reconstructing them in surprising ways. At LAMILL, she begins with fresh house-made peanut milk adds a shot of espresso, then layers popcorn and sea salt-infused whipped cream and caramel sauce. In Portland, she asked the judges to take a bite off the top and relive childhood in a glass. That option is now available to customers in Silver Lake.

Johnson was inspired to create the Sweet Basil Julep after enjoying a basil-infused cocktail on a trip to San Francisco. At LAMILL, she shakes muddled basil and fresh lemon with white tea and brown sugar, then pours the concoction over crushed ice.

Not every LAMILL beverage involves muddling or flavored whipped cream. Director of Coffee Thomas Hodges just rolled out a new Recession Roast, a 12 oz. cup of Ethiopian Limmu that costs $2.50. “This is a natural coffee from Southern Ethiopia that boasts a sweet, winey taste with a kiss of snappy citrus,” says Hodges.


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My husband and I went to breakfast here for our anniversary. Everything was delicious, but it was $50 with tip, and we were still hungry when we left. That’s ridiculous. Although we like being ridiculous, we’d rather it be on someone else’s expense account.

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I wonder if the Southern Ethiopia roast is still being served. These signature drinks sound good too. I will have to make it to LAMILL one of these days.

Recession roast at $2.50??? I guess it is a bargain compared to their other outrages prices!

I’ve always thought it’d be nice for coffee places to start doing some of the drinks they do at competition.

Ooh. I was there when she was constructing this drink. It’s like liquid Cracker Jacks.

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