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La Barra has served Colombian comfort food in Cali for 20 years, including chuleta de cerdo.

The amount of English language restaurant coverage of Cali is limited online. Thankfully, my good friend was marrying a local, had been to the city many times, and and led me to plenty of good meals. My favorite lunch took place at La Barra, a “cocina tipica” that’s served traditional Colombian comfort food for breakfast and lunch since 1998. The two-story restaurant features wooden picnic tables and waving Colombian flags outside, with a small dining room and a white wall that reads, “Cocinamos con amor” (We cook with love). I’m convinced based on the hearty plates I ordered.

Chuleta de Cerdo ($25) features a boneless pounded pork chop that’s battered and deep-fried to a craggy crisp, locking in juices. Each chop’s plated on a banana leaf-lined wood plank with steamed white rice, creamy fresh-sliced avocado, and a clay pot filled with earthy stewed Calima beans that are well-seasoned, grow locally, and taste great over rice.

Since it was so hot and humid in Cali that day, I paired my meal with a big pitcher of aguapanela, a more refreshing, judiciously sweet cousin to lemonade that’s brewed with local sugar cane and lemon.

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