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At BierBeisl Imbiss in downtown’s historic Spring Arcade, Austria native Bernhard Mairinger goes big for Oktoberfest. Last week, he served beers big enough to floor even a giant his size – 6’7″ – along with massive pretzels, pork shanks, spaetzle, Austrian donuts, knoedels, and of course plenty of sausages. He even awarded prizes for best lederhosen, best dirndl, and best hat. I didn’t catch the primary action, but did still feast for lunch, including pork schnitzel, veal bratwurst, and a 10-ounc glass of Kloster Andechs Festagsbier.

Benedictine Monks run this brewery 40 kilometers from Munich in Andechs. The brewery actually dates to 1455, predating the Reinheitsgebot, a German purity law which Duke of Bavaria William IV passed in 1516 to limit beer ingredients to water, barley, and hops. Kloster Andechs prides themselves on a “tradition of progress.” They’ve invested in “ultra modern brewing technology” and even brew with (gasp) yeast. Still, their Oktoberfest beer sure tastes classic and clean. It would be tempting to drink a boot’s worth with a plump veal bratwurst.


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Kloster Andechs Festagsbier (Drink of the Week)

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