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After spending two decades building Campanile into culinary force, Mark Peel and manager/wine director Jay Perrin are expanding beyond South La Brea with two different projects. This morning, a Food GPS reader e-mailed me a public ABC license request from Peel and Perrin regarding The Point (8522 National Boulevard, Culver City), which Kazuto Matsusaka and Vicki Fan opened in early 2008. Perrin confirmed that they’re taking over The Point, focusing on “online delivery in the industrial zone,” a section of Culver City that houses Nike, Clear Channel, Anonymous and Smashbox, to name just four companies. Expect “Campanile style grilled cheese sandwiches to go,” plus “Campanile style salads,” Campanile-sourced pastries and “low priced value wines,” all order-able online a week, a day or an hour ahead. “We’re just trying to supply the industrial complex,” says Perrin. “We want to feed the neighborhood and give them a place to buy wine.”

Perrin and Peel are keeping The Point because they “didn’t see the point in spending tremendous logo dollars to change the name.” The Point is on the fast track and should be open in four weeks at the most, depending on the clean-up and recipe development.

The Point will probably be open weekdays from 8 AM – 6 PM. According to Perrin, “We’ll do breakfast and serve all the way through lunch and keep minimal staff there for wine sales.”

In other Peel and Perrin news, Eater LA previously reported that the partners were preparing to open an “upscale speakeasy” in the former home of Oasis (611 North La Brea Avenue). Perrin explained that Glass and Mirrors is not the name of the cocktail emporium, and they won’t release the name until the November 6 opening date. “There’s a lot of fun, interesting surprises coming everybody’s way,” says Perrin.

Regardless of the name, Perrin promises a “great bar with rich bartending history. It’s really classic bartenders. We have some well-known amazing partners that will be overseeing this project. Come in and get a drink proper.” Tracy Beckmann designed the space, which Perrin called “1940s Art Moderne.”

“Most of the stuff you’ll be able to eat with your hands,” says Perrin. “Eating with a knife and fork at the bar is strange.” Cocktails will be $8-10 and entrees will run $12-15. “We want to be responsible with the economic times,” says Perrin.

Reservations might be restricted to e-mail, “just keep it a little more local.”


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I hope they retain the Point’s great caesar salad. Email only, huh? We’ll see if L.A. peeps are willing to play that game.

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