Jansezian Brothers Launch Café Lori in Monrovia [CLOSED]

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Garo Jansezian and brother Vrej serve a wide variety of Armenian dishes at Café Lori.

Garo Jansezian and brother Vrej opened Café Lori in Monrovia last week, naming their restaurant for the Armenian province that produced their grandparents. The former home of an Indian restaurant called Ice Spice is tucked into the north face of Krikorian Monrovia Cinema 12.

The 50-item menu features options like muttabal – roasted eggplant mixed with sesame oil, lemon juice and garlic; sarma – grape leaves stuffed with rice, walnuts, tomato, onions, parsley and spices; and fattoush – sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with onion, bell peppers, parsley, mint and toasted pita bread.

You’ll also find less widespread options like Frri – sautéed quail with garlic, lemon and cilantro; Awerma – hummus toped with lamb filet and pine nuts; and pan-fried chicken liver.

Entrées revolve around heaping plates of flame-licked kebabs, including filet, shish, chicken, lamb and lula.

For dessert, the brothers make several varieties of baklava in-house.


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This food is so amazing and the brothers are wonderful hosts! These are the best chicken kebabs anywhere with great flavor and full of moisture. The lamb, excellent, and incredible lentil soup on rainy days. The dressing on the salad is perfect. I could go on for days…

Cafe Lori was such a delicious surprise. It is a great way to share movie highlights with friends….the food is wonderful.

Dang, I wish I’d known about this place about 5 hours ago. Oh well, thankfully I work in Monrovia and will have to give it a try real soon.


Once you do make it to Cafe Lori, please let Food GPS readers know what you think. At this point, my contribution is limited to straight-up information.

looks like a good place to go when in Monrovia, which isn’t very often, but could be the case when Christine starts her practicum there next year.

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