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Coffee Santa Cruz

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We first met Verve Coffee Roasters standout Jared Truby in 2009, when he was competing in what was then the Western Regional Barista Competition. This year, he claimed the crown in the expanded Southwest Regional, outperforming top coffee talent from California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. On a regular basis, Truby leads Quality Control of Retail Operations for the Santa Cruz based specialty coffee company, which is coming on strong in California. He recently shared more caffeinated insights, which hint at why he’s been so successful.

Was it a given that you’d work with coffee for a living, or did you consider other careers?

Other careers at first, engineer and architect were first, but I always loved culinary arts. My father opened a coffee house when I was young and taught me a little. Two years later, I was really into it.

What was your very first day like working behind a coffee bar, and where was it?

It was at my dad’s shop, and it was slower. The day consisted of me trying every coffee side by side and learning that coffee was far more intricate than I ever imagined.

How did the opportunity come about with Verve?

I was interested in pursuing the highest level of coffee service and the four of us who started Verve all shared the same vision. My opportunity came from a shared vision.

Would you consider anybody a coffee mentor?

Ryan O’donovan or Brent Fortune.

Walk me through a typical coffee consumption day for you. What would that be like, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed?

I start the day with a one n one and then usually have six oz or so. I taste all day but will most likely only drink one more Espresso in the day.

What’s your preferred brewing method at home, and how come?

Mypressi, because espresso is the best way to enjoy coffee…ever.

If you could travel to any city in the world right now, primarily to drink coffee, what would it be and why?

Primarily to drink Coffee? Has to be Portland…so, wish granted. Most variety.

If you could only have one more shot of espresso, and you couldn’t pull the shot, who would pull it for you?

[Chris] Baca, hands down.

Address: 816 41st Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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