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Artisanal LA has become a proving ground for food and drink related concepts that demonstrate a commitment to local, sustainable and handmade philosophy. From April 16 – 17, event organizer Shawna Dawson gathered more than 90 vendors in a vacant space on the top floor of Santa Monica Place. Attendees got their first tastes from tenants at The Market, a 45,000-square-foot, multiple booth venue that opens on May 20, and several other concepts could easily achieve breakout status as well. Each artisan has a story, and we have eight tales to tell, including a cookie guru.

Aurélie The Cookie Guru founder Aurélie Vacheresse is opening a chocolate chip cookie kiosk at The Market on May 20, specializing in a new spin on a “classic nostalgic treat.” She utilizes organic, fair-trade, bittersweet chocolate in every cookie and plans to pair flavored milks, including pistachio, hazelnut and caramel.

So the ultimate chocolate chip cookie?


Why chocolate chip cookies?

I really love chocolate chips, more-so that cookies, but I believe that chocolate chip cookies are a classic nostalgic treat that most people’s moms made for them growing up, and it’s a new spin on a classic treat. I feel like cupcakes have taken over L.A., and I want to do it with the chocolate chip cookie.

What’s the key to a great chocolate chip cookie?

I believe it’s three things: crispy, chewy, gooey. A little bit of a crisp edge, leading the way to a little bit of a chewy middle, and then the center being gooey. I think that makes the ultimate cookie.

How did your cookie concept come about?

I’ve been doing it on the side and can’t seem to go anywhere without bringing my cookies. People ask, if I don’t show up with cookies, where they are. I have been looking for the right venue to start selling them and The Market is opening at Santa Monica Place in May, and it’s the perfect venue for me. It’s a bunch of a artisanal shops and goods.

Will you only have chocolate chip cookies?

Yes, I’m known for one thing, and I believe in the philosophy of doing one thing and doing it really, really well, and that’s what I do with chocolate chip cookies.


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