Here’s Looking At You Pork Chop Milanesa

Pork Chop Los Angeles

HLAY's pork chop is by far their most indulgent brunch preparation.

Here’s Looking At You left the starting block like Usain Bolt for their new brunch service, which launched on Mother’s Day and instantly became my favorite breakfast and lunch mash-up in L.A. Chef Jonathan Whitener and front of house partner Lien Ta continue to innovate at their Koreatown corner, where an iconic Morrissey photo hangs on the wall and the soundtrack includes songs like Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time,” New Edition’s “Cool It Now” and Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For You.” The excitement translated to the creative plates, where Whitener casts a global net.

Pork Chop Milanesa ($34) featured a massive pounded chop dredged in breadcrumbs and fried to a crispy golden brown. The prodigious pork chop hosted fried, sunny-side-up hen eggs with crispy edges. From there, brightness arrived in waves: tangy tomatillo salsa, roasted cherry tomatoes, and herbaceous tiger salad. The capper: a single roasted jalapeño.

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