Ha’s Apple Farm Kyoho Grape Juice (Drink of the Week)

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Summer calls to mind cherries, peaches, strawberries, and so many more beautiful fruits. At some of the best SoCal farmers markets, you’ll also find Ha’s Apple Farm, a revered Tehachapi farm from Kyung Ha and husband David that’s best known for apples, but also grows large purple Kyoho grapes that are famously sweet. Sadly, it’s a short season for these famed Japanese hybrids, but the Ha family has figured out how to make the flavor linger just a little bit longer.

At the Saturday morning Pasadena Farmers Market outside Pasadena High School, I found jars of prized Kyoho grape juice ($5 for 8 ounces) at Ha’s Apple Farm stand. This juice, if left unadulterated, would deliver some seriously bold sips, so they suggest diluting the juice with 50% sparkling water. Fizzy effervescence from my SodaStream helped the flavor to reach even the darkest recess of my mouth with the taste of grape jelly.


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