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The decision on where to eat at Garden Grove’s Mall of Fortune is no longer clear-cut. Starting in 1996, Brodard was the obvious choice. In 2015, chef Kristin Nguyen disrupted the paradigm by opening Garlic & Chives, a bastion for Vietnamese “fusion cuisine.” The space is a bit of a hodgepodge, with brown banquettes, white and gold walls, and mismatched chandeliers. Even the music is kind of kooky, swaying between “Hotel California” and a Muzak take on “Careless Whisper.” The sprawling menu is also pretty diverse, but includes classics like sizzling clay pots (cơm tay cầm).

Com Chay Ca Kho To Ba Roi ($11) stars caramelized catfish and pork belly. Flaky, bone-in, cross-sections of fish join strips of striated, guanciale-like pork in a syrupy, flame-red sludge that’s simultaneous sweet, spicy, and tangy. Each well-worn pot’s garnished with red and green jalapeño slices, fried garlic, and clipped scallions. A similarly sizzling vessel features crispy rice dressed with more scallions and garlic. A dish of pungent pickled vegetables rounds out your meal. Just scrape off some rice to temper the rich, sticky caramelized proteins and add pickled veg to achieve relative balance.

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Address: 9892 Westminster Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92844

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