Ford’s Filling Station: Multiple Meats + EATZ for Sunday Roast [CLOSED]

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Restaurant Los Angeles

Ben Ford's seasonal special switched to Sunday roasts for fall.

October 26 signaled the end of BBQ season at Benjamin Ford’s Culver City gastropub. On Sunday, November 16, he introduced his latest seasonal special at Ford’s Filling Station – the traditional Sunday roast – and all four founding members of the EATZ eating club were on hand to devour roasted meats. Ford offers four distinct options, each with a unique side. We ordered them all.

Pork Los Angeles

Ford has earned acclaim for his skill with pork, with good reason. His Pork Loin Roast incorporated three different pig preparations on a single plate.

Slabs of juicy pork loin featured bronzed edges. They were paired with applesauce and fresh sage, crispy pork skins known as “crackling” and tender Brussels sprouts tossed with crispy smoked bacon shavings.

Beef Los Angeles

Beef Casino Roast included thin-sliced beef slathered with horseradish cream.

Accompanying kale was especially terrific, a thatch of crispy, bitter greens. Yorkshire pudding was surprisingly moist, kind of like a savory bread pudding.

Lamb Los Angeles

Roasted Leg of Lamb was solid, plated with sweet caramelized onions, mint au jus and green beans, but the plate was more notable for a risotto folded with silky kabocha squash chunks.

Chicken Los Angeles

Roasted Chicken was the least impressive plate, the only dish that didn’t justify the $24 price tag.

The half-chicken was moist, but the skin could have been crisper. It came with brown gravy, greens and cornbread stuffing studded with cubes of squash, which had the consistency of a dry couscous.

All three desserts we split were good to great.

Dessert Los Angeles

King Hawaiian Bread Pudding ($8) was crafted from chunks of sweet Hawaiian bread produced by King’s bakery in the South Bay. This version sported a crème fraiche cap and the plate was strewn with intensely sweet brandied apricots.

Dessert Los Angeles

Comice Pear Crisp ($8) was excellent, featuring a crisp orange-spiked pecan crust, hot, sweet pear slices and cooling crème fraiche.

Dessert Los Angeles

Flourless Torte (for two, $12) was airy and not too rich, with a malted chocolate ice cream core. We shunted aside the kumquat reduction, so it didn’t have much impact on the dessert.

Ford’s roasts are available every Sunday through Easter from 3-8 PM, at a cost of $24 per plate. The manager said that closer to Christmas, they might add goose to the mix. In the meantime, the existing roasts are worth seeking.


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Nice, we had some of the same dishes. Good lighting.

Ooooh, the bread pudding made so much more sense now. When it was called just ‘Hawaiian Bread Pudding’ during the Suckling Pig Dinner I was confused since there weren’t any tropical/hawaiianish fruits used. Now I realized it’s made with King Hawaiian Bread!

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