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A Mennonite family drives over an hour each way to serve glazed sourdough donuts in Richmond.

There’s probably nothing better on a chilly morning than a hot donut, and on the first weekend of 2013 at Richmond’s South of the James Market, people flooded the Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen food truck, from a Mennonite family that delivered deep fried salvation. The Yoders drive over one hour each way from McKenney to reach the market and each week in warmer months, deliver hundreds of misshapen rings to customers who happily wait up to an hour. The family cuts sourdough to order, forms rings, fries them, dips them in glaze and dries them on a rack.

Brian Ahnmark, a Blue Bee Cidery employee and Mrs. Yoder’s donut addict, stood ahead of us in the serpentine line. I suggested to two other writers that we share a box with the rest of the Richmond press trip participants, and Ahnmark said, “If you did share it, you’d make friends for life.” We waited 45 minutes, and Secco Wine Bar chef Tim Bereika, who was about 20 people ahead of us in line, walked by with a box of six donuts, and promptly handed them to us. After tasting the supple, chewy and downright ethereal sourdonuts, which had the lightest of glazes, I’ll now count Chef Bereika as a friend until end times. I also learned a valuable math lesson from the Yoders: Anticipation + Flavor = Mennonite Magic.

South of the James Market: Saturdays from 8 am – 12 pm. early May – early December


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Never had these donuts…would love to try them. Please let me know of locations around Richmond and times.

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