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Bread Lounge, Ran Zimon’s bakery and cafe in the downtown L.A. Arts District, is best known for bread, pastries and sandwiches, but for me, bamba rule.

Bamba are bite-sized, halva-like peanut butter cookies studded with sesame seeds, and they’re my latest Bread Lounge obsession. On Saturday, I’d already ordered a passel of sandwiches, flatbreads and brownies. At that point, I noticed the cookies in a sample bowl by the register. Of course I popped a bamba in my mouth, and before I left, made sure to down one more crumbly, melt-in-my-mouth cookie. Bamba come in a big plastic container, and on my most recent Bread Lounge visit, since I already had two bags of food, I had to wait to take bamba home with me. Not that they’d last beyond the drive home.

Address: 700 S Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90021

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