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Restaurant Los Angeles

Umami Burger helps renew interest in an anonymous stretch of La Brea Avenue.

Last week, Eater reported that former Vinoteque and BottleRock partner Adam Fleischman plans to open Umami Burger. On Saturday, Fleischman discussed his vision for his La Brea burger spot, which should open by late February. “Umami is a passion of mine, as is creating the perfect burger,” says Fleischman. In case you don’t already know, “umami” is a Japanese term for the fifth taste, in addition to sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

For his burgers, Fleischman will grind the steak to order. He says, “Hopefully it will be the best tasting burger joint with the highest standards.” I asked him about the bun and he said, “We spent 6 months finding a bun, that’s a secret.”

Umami Burger will also serve triple-cooked fries, “America’s best chili,” LAMILL coffee, Cru iced coffee and milkshakes. Once Umami Burger is going full-blast, he plans to add subs and other sandwiches. In the summer, expect Maryland crab cakes, plus other seasonal specials.

Fleischman described the décor as “Japanese-lite.”


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