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Umami Burger

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Beer Dinner or Dinner With Beer?

Every beer geek has run into this scenario at least once: Beer Geek: “Hey, let’s go out to Beer Bar ABC.” Friend of Beer Geek: “I was thinking dinner would be better tonight because...
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Fleischman Unveils Umami Burger Menu

On Saturday, Adam Fleischman discussed his vision for Umami Burger, which should open on La Brea by late February. Today, he unveiled the Umami Burger menu with the disclaimer that not every menu item...
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Fleischman Discusses Umami Burger

Last week, Eater reported that former Vinoteque and BottleRock partner Adam Fleischman plans to open Umami Burger. On Saturday, Fleischman discussed his vision for his La Brea burger spot, which should open by late...